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          ABOUT US

          Changzhoushi Yifei Aluminum(Mechanical) Co.,Ltd
          Address:Wujin District of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Hengshan Town, Furong Rong Rd 48
          Zip Code:213118
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               Changzhou Yifei Aluminum(Machinery) CO,.Ltd is located Changzhou city,Jiangsu province.Our company is near Shanghai,about 120KM from company to Shanghai,transportation is very convenient.We have about 150 employees now.
        Yifei is specialized in developing&machining&selling all kinds of precision aluminum tubes and aluminum profile.Our products are used widely in laser printers, copiers,other OA equipment, electronics industry, pneumatic components, sports equipment and other industry.
        Our main production equipments:extrusion production line,precision drawing production line,anodized handling line,CNC machine.
        We always focus on Quality control and Quality improvement,we have regular training of quality control between employees.
        Warmly welcome customers from domestic and foreign county to negotiate and cooperate.
        Company philosophy:
        *Core philosophy:build up quality system with culture,create quality with charm and soul
        *Quality policy:not accept any defective parts,not ship out any defective parts,not create any defective parts

          公司地址:江蘇省常州市武進區橫山橋鎮芙蓉蓉湖路48號 郵編:213118
          公司電話:86-519-88763066 86-519-88761254-806 公司傳真:86-519-88767797
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